Analyze your EAM Operation Quickly

See where you stand and know how to move your EAM initiative forward

Getting your EAM initiative rolling takes a ton of planning. But how do you determine what goals to set, timelines to aim for, or even standards to measure against? You’re talking about establishing best practices.

That’s where our Value Map Assessment (VMA) comes in. A VMA measures your EAM operation against proven industry best practices. It not only paints a clear picture of what you’ve done, it reveals areas where you can create tangible results and sets standards for achieving them. With VMA you’ll be able to:

VMA includes:

Looking for EAM Consulting?

If you need help building an EAM Strategy that’s ISO 55000 / PAS 55 compliant and tailored to your organization, SwainSmith, the experts behind the EAM Library, can help.

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Organizations across the globe access the EAM Library to establish asset management standards and improve EAM operations.