The EAM/CMMS Struggle

Off the shelf, the Enterprise Asset Management (EAM) software or Computerized Maintenance Management System (CMMS) does not come with the information it needs to succeed. There are critical elements that are missing.

These missing elements significantly impact the EAM/CMMS’s ability to produce rich, accurate, actionable information. This can frustrate management and end users and negatively impact uptime, costs, and risk. 

The EAM/CMMS Struggle is Over

The EAM Library provides what the EAM/CMMS is missing.

The EAM Library delivers the industry standard codes, noun/modifier dictionaries, taxonomies, best practice training materials, master data conventions, ISO 55000 business processes, self-assessment tools, etc., to supercharge EAM/CMMS performance and reporting.

The EAM Library gets the EAM/CMMS producing the information you need to make informed and educated asset management business decisions. 

The EAM Library Delivers the Missing Elements and Much More.

How do you determine what goals to set, timelines to aim for, or even standards to measure against? The EAM Library’s Value Map Assessment tool helps you measure your operation against industry-proven practices and reveals areas where you can create tangible results.

The EAM Library provides naming conventions, noun/modifier dictionaries, and classifications that help standardize master data sets. This leads to improved system sorting, grouping, and reporting capabilities.

Getting everyone on the same page is difficult. With our industry-accepted business processes, you can develop a company-wide game plan, formalize policies, standardize work, optimize MRO materials management, improve purchasing, and achieve successful outcomes.

Equipment breaks. Know where problems are originating, which components are failing, and which failures are costing the most money. From there, you’ll be able to predict failures and reduce downtime.

Best Practice Training Materials EAM University contains five online ISO-compliant training courses to help you train at your own pace–from anywhere. Use our materials to train your organization on industry-proven EAM standards.

The Power is Back in Your Hands

The EAM Library is an EAM/CMMS accelerator designed to help you:

Increase performance and uptime of the organization’s equipment

Extend the useful life of assets

Streamline maintenance and MRO supply chain activities

Minimize operational costs

Comply with environment, health, energy, and safety (EHS) initiatives

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The EAM Library accelerates EAM/CMMS implementations, improves EAM/CMMS data, and sets standards for coding, business processes, and KPIs. The EAM Library helps organizations across the globe get the ROI from their EAM/CMMS investment.

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