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The EAM Library forms building blocks of rich and actionable data you actually need, so you're able to make sustainable improvements for your organization.

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    Perform Better with Best Practices

    Assess and score your operation against industry best practices with our comprehensive, web-based Value Map Assessment tool.

  • Master Your Master Data

    Build rich and actionable EAM/CMMS codes and naming conventions with the Master Data Catalog.

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  • Game Plan for Success

    Use our ISO 55000-compliant EAM Playbook to build and improve your asset management initiatives.

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  • Cash in on Analytics

    Maximize ROI by generating data that improves asset reliability, lowers maintenance costs and streamlines your supply chain.

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The EAM Library helps organizations across the globe improve asset management

Equipment Failure Codes

Problem-Failure-Action-Cause Codes provide maintenance with vital insights into corrective maintenance activities. Our equipment failure codes are equipment class specific, so you get deep and precise information about where problems are originating, which components are failing, how they were fixed, and which failures are costing the most money.

The EAM Library helps create high performance EAM software systems