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Course 1 – Introduction to Enterprise Asset Management

  • Learn the fundamentals of asset management—overview, principles, and terminology.
  • Review international standards (e.g., ISO 55000), policies, and procedures.
  • Start with a foundation of understanding—an excellent course for organizations to familiarize themselves with asset management as a discipline.

Course 2 – Strategic Asset Management

  • Get the executives up to speed on asset management.
  • Learn about the development of a Strategic Asset Management Plan. An essential first step an EAM operation should take.
  • Build a roadmap, identify objectives and establish the “right” key performance indicators.
  • EAM is best implemented from the top down-an excellent course for establishing “exec to tech” alignment.

Course 3 – Work Execution

  • Learn maintenance and reliability best practices around work identification, planning, scheduling, and completion processes.
  • Review maintenance roles and responsibilities, explore KPI EAM/CMMS coding structures, equipment naming conventions, hierarchies, taxonomies, and master data elements.
  • Bring structure and discipline to work management business processes.
  • Gain the knowledge to implement effective and efficient maintenance and reliability operations

Course 4 – MRO Materials Management

  • Learn best practices in the storage, handling, and movement of MRO materials.
  • Review industry standards around materials reservations, cycle counting, picking, kitting, staging, delivery, etc..
  • Understand master data management, description standards, and classification structures.
  • Gain the knowledge to get the right parts, to the right place, at the right time!

Course 5 – Procurement Process & Controls

  • Review industry-proven standards around requisitioning, procurement, and receiving processes.
  • Explore vendor management processes, bidding, and contract development practices
  • Bring purchasing controls, improved vendor performance, and industry standards to the organization.
  • Gain the knowledge to get MRO cost down while improving materials availability

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