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Get Access to the Enterprise Asset Management (EAM) Playbook. The Industry’s Most Comprehensive ISO 55000 Model.

Use our EAM Playbook to jumpstart a tangible, industry-standard business process for your organization.  

If you’re an asset-intensive organization, you need a system of direction and control, an Asset Management System. It consists of policies, practices, processes, and procedures for maintenance, MRO materials management, and procurement functions. Use it to develop and execute a winning strategy for your organization. With the EAM Playbook, you can:

Use our EAM Playbook to jumpstart a tangible, industry-standard business process for your organization.

With the EAM Playbook, you can:

EAM Playbook includes:

The Challenge

Business processes drive quality EAM transactional data (i.e., work orders, MRO material usage, etc.). Without well-defined, documented business processes, EAM data and analysis will suffer. Maintenance is left using an EAM system that is not delivering the right information.

The Solution

Our Enterprise Asset Management Playbook delivers documented, easily customizable, industry-proven ISO 55000-compliant practices, processes, and procedures to help you quickly establish enterprise asset management best practices. Best practices lead to great data and improved EAM system analysis capabilities.

EAM Playbook Topics

Rich and insightful EAM data begins with robust maintenance and MRO supply chain business processes. We have them. Utilize our Enterprise Asset Management Playbook to help quickly build yours. Get started with enterprise asset management best practices.

Executive Leadership


Quickly develop a company-wide game plan for enterprise asset management with our strategic asset management plan (SAMP).



Utilize our policy documents to formalize asset management with directives, intentions/principles, and framework for asset and MRO management control.



Develop specific and measurable outcomes required of assets, asset systems, and the asset management system with our strategic objectives registry.  

Work Management


A complete process for work management, giving you industry-accepted standards for each stage in the work order life cycle.



Comprehensive guidelines and procedures for preventive maintenance (PM) and predictive maintenance (PdM) programs, and reliability engineering techniques.



Defined roles and responsibilities for enterprise asset management



20 of the most valuable reports for maintenance operations, plus definitions, targets, and examples of more than 30 KPIs for maintenance productivity and enterprise asset management.

MRO Materials Management


Optimize your storerooms with best practices for layout, storage and barcoding equipment, security, inventory organization, location schemes, and more.



Establish efficient and disciplined storeroom operations with processes for managing the part life cycle, including receiving, storing, picking, kitting, delivery, and returns.



Manage MRO inventory, such as cycle counting, ABC classification, critical spares identification, obsolescence management, excess inventory identification, and reorder point optimization.



Clearly define roles and responsibilities with a responsibility assignment matrix (RAM) for materials management and role definitions for the storeroom team.



Access over 20 of the best EAM system reports including definitions, targets, and KPI examples for storeroom productivity and materials management.

MRO Procurement


Learn industry best practices for the entire procurement process. Includes a responsibility assignment matrix (RAM), guidelines for purchasing authority, and definitions for the procurement team.



Take advantage of processes for indirect procurement, including purchase requisitions and (POs), (RFQs) and (RFPs), bid evaluation, contracting, vendor management, accounting coordination, and guidelines for establishing a warranty administration program.



Access over 20 of the best procurement reports including daily needs (such as purchase order management) as well as advanced cost and vendor reports.

Looking for EAM Consulting?

If you need help building an EAM Strategy that’s ISO 55000 / PAS 55 compliant and tailored to your organization, SwainSmith, the experts behind the EAM Library, can help.

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