The EAM Library contains the industry’s largest registry of downloadable and customizable ISO-compliant, industry-proven standards.

The EAM Library consists of EAM/CMMS coding structures, master data dictionaries, best practice training materials, assessment tools, ISO 55000 practices, processes, and procedures. Organizations utilize our content to accelerate EAM initiatives and improve enterprise asset management information.

The EAM Library’s content is built on proven international standards and used globally by Fortune 500 companies.

Introduction to EAM Playbook

Introduction to ISO 55000 Enterprise Asset Management Playbook

EAM Playbook Table of Contents

Framework for ISO 55000 Enterprise Asset Management Playbook

W1-01-03 Maintenance Planner Role

Role & Responsibility Standard for the Maintenance Planner

W2-06-5 Weekly Schedule

Maintenance Best Practice for Development of Weekly Maintenance Schedule

EAM Library Problem-Failure Code Sample

Sample Set of EAM/CMMS Equipment Problem-Failure Codes. Codes available for 1,330 asset classes

EAM Best Practice Training Materials Sample

Sample Set of EAM Best Practice Training Materials for Maintenance and MRO Materials Management

M2-02-06 Inventory Cycle Count

MRO Best Practice for Inventory Cycle Counting  

M2-02-F2 Receiving Stock Items

MRO Standard Process Flow for Receiving Stock Items

P2-02-F2 OPEX Purchase Requisitions Process

Standard Process Flow for Purchase Requisitions

E1-01-01 Asset Management Policy

Organizational Asset Management Policy

A1-00-00 Appendix A – Glossary of Terms and Acronyms

Enterprise Asset Management Dictionary


Organizational Asset Management Policy

MRO Commodity Codes

Classification Structure for MRO Materials

M1-01-01 MRO Materials Management Policy

MRO Policy for Storeroom Operations

M2-02-05 Materials Management Responsibilities Matrix

MRO Roles & Responsibilities

AM-Asset-Criticality Codes

EAM/CMMS Asset Criticality Codes

W5-01-12 Mean Time Between Failures

Mean Time Between Failure KPI

W2-00-F2 Work Management (Overview)

Standard Process Flow for Work Management  

W6-01-05 Work Planning Checklist

Maintenance Planner Job Development Tool

MM-MRO-Material Master-Sample

Sample Best Practice MRO Material Master Data

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