The EAM/CMMS Struggle

Off the shelf, the Enterprise Asset Management (EAM) software or Computerized Maintenance Management System (CMMS) does not come with the information it needs to succeed.
Critical elements are missing.
The EAM Library provides what the EAM/CMMS is missing.
Supercharge EAM operations with the EAM Library’s downloadable and customizable industry-standard EAM/CMMS coding dictionaries, naming conventions, ISO 55000 business processes, interactive assessment, and E-Learning platforms.
The EAM Library Delivers the Missing Elements and More.
Download the EAM Library Overview (PDF)

The EAM Library helps organizations across the globe improve asset management

Looking for EAM Consulting?

If you need help building an EAM Strategy that’s ISO 55000 / PAS 55 compliant and tailored to your organization, SwainSmith, the experts behind the EAM Library, can help.

Equipment Failure Codes

Problem-Failure-Action-Cause Codes provide maintenance with vital insights into corrective maintenance activities. Our equipment failure codes are equipment class specific, so you get deep and precise information about where problems are originating, which components are failing, how they were fixed, and which failures are costing the most money.

The EAM Library helps create high performance EAM software systems